F5M-Millionaires Club' Silver Membership To
Complete Guide To Million Dollar Internet Business!

Once again I thank you for pruchasing the SILVER  level of membership and I pesonally welcome you to F5M-Millionaiers Club. You are a member for life and we treat you as a family among of thousands of others.

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Many people before joining or becoming a member of the F5M-Millionaires Club did not really understand or even in some cases did not belive that for such a low one time cost they have a potential to earn huge amonut of money or to earn above average steady income. Well it's happening here in F5M-Millionaires Club and with its Wealth System™ plus our own advertising platform named DailyNetPay (DNP). We had people who have ordered this Silver Level Package and within few days earned hundreds of dollars that was paid out the same day to their account. That was just the begining for them as it can be for you as well. You do not need lot of money to start earning good income or to become wealthy. All you need to do is get active with a reliable, proven to work and stable opportunity that will take you there. This is what we offer you here at F5M-Millionaires Club and will even help you to get there. Joining one of he most trusted financial club's available globally, soon you will find out that you will not need to look anywhere else to earn income because here you can earn as much as you want and for life!

Joining the F5M-Millionaires-Club at Sliver Level,
You will be part of the DUAL Fast Paying System
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1. You will be entered into the F5M-MC Gold Booster where we promote your business up to 30 days and Pay You to promote. Plus this position is there to earn you income for life.

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As soon as you are placed into the Gold Booster,
your 1st two levels will be automatically filled providing you some instant cash.
This is where you can earn immediate income that is paid out on a daily basis
when $10 or more in commission is reached.

F5M-MC Gold Booster Advertising Pay Plan


The F5M-MC Gold Booster is our Five Star Success Auto-Advertising System
that has THOUSANDS of satisfied customers, promoters and income earners.
Just click on the Testimonials box to view some comments!

The F5M-MC Gold Booster

Will Take You Into The Club's Main Wealth System WTIA Out Of Profit!

All Silver Level Members will get paid out up to $30 commissions from the Gold Booster,
then the next $100 will be accumulating in the Gold Booster account
and it will used to enter the member into WTIA (club's main Wealth System)
following their original F5M-MC sponsor. Once that is achieved,
that member will become the GOLD level in the F5M-Millionaires Club.

2. You will be entered into the DailyNetPay at the $9.95 (Ad Pak #1) where you will be able to start earning $5 commissions and upgrading to higher levels to earn even more. Our DNP Advertising Platform will promote your F5M-MC business up to 10,000 cash buyers/prospects.

Being an F5M-MC Silver level member, as new members join at this level under you, you will earn $5.00 Commission For Each New Referral. This is only the beginning of your earning journey, more profits come from where you become part of the AUTO-FEED*.

The AUTO-FEED* system is part of the DailyNetPay Advertising Platform that generates interested prospects and turns them into paid members which are placed under you in F5M-Millionaires-Club and DNP. Upgrading in the DNP to Ad Pak #2, you will have this AUTO-FEED* system working for you continously. This should speed up your earning potential where you can earn additional $10, $50, $100 and $500 Instant Commissions.


To Start Your Business:

1. You will need to start advertising your new F5M-MC business and sharing it with all others who want to earn income from home using Internet. There are many promotional ways that are described in this Guide.

2. You need to make an advertising plan and stick to it on a daily or weekly basis without ever quiting if you want to become a BIG earner.

3. In your main F5M-MC members area, where you entered to get here, there is a link called: URLs. When you click on that TAB, it will open another page and you will see 4 url links. First three are your promotional capture page links, those are the only ones that you want to advertise. You can select any of them, or promote all 3. It's up to you. To learn what these so called Capture or Splash pages do and how they work, check out the link in this guide called: Getting Started!

4. Do you know what you need to do next? Well shockingly to your knowledge, THAT'S IT! Your main work will involve to promote your business as much as you can and introduce as many new members to F5M-Millionaires Club. As you introduce others, you will be handsomely rewarded down the road when they will enter the F5M-MC Gold Booster and following you into the club's Wealth System Wealth Team International Association (WTIA - the wealth producer).

All the interested prospects and sign ups that come from your advertisements and promotional efforts, will be processed automactically for you. Plus atuomated promotional emailings will go out with your links to further explain the entire F5M-MC business to those who have responded. You do not have to worry about all of that and how it works, it's done for you automatically.

How To Know If Your F5M-MC Business Is Growing?

Once you have your advertising plan worked out and start promoting your F5M-MC business by using any of the 3 capture pages (or all) that are available for you, anyone interested in your offer will respond by filling out their details on the advertised capture page form and once they hit submit, two things will happen:

1. They will be automatically taken to your main F5M-Millionaires Club site so they can read what F5M-MC offers. They can order their selected membership level and become a member of F5M-MC.

2. Within 30 minutes, they will automatically receive a "Thank You Letter" thanking them for looking at your offer or opportunity. That thank you letter will also contain a link to their FREE report that describes F5M-MC in further details. That free report will contain your links so they can join F5M-MC from there as well. Below is a sample of my report with my links it:


3. Most of the interested prospects will not order or sign up into F5M-Millionaires Club right away, so that's why club's autoresponder will send out additional letters to keep them updated with more information. These automated emails will go out for 14 days. After that, the oldest prospects get deleted from the entire data base if they did not become a member of F5M-MC. These prospects are part of your list building and you will want to copy (use copy & paste method) them into your note or word pad and keep them for future emailings.

4. To check up on your progress and see if any interested prospects have responded to your advetisment, you will need to go to your F5M-MC members area and click on tab called: Prospects! In there you will see the date when they answered your advertisment, their name, email address, autoresponder progress (when it's full red, all the letters were sent out and automated emailings are done) and the last thing you will see is prospect's Status. Their status will show: Prospect, meaning they have NOT joined as a paid member. If it shows: Joined, they have joined under you as a paid member of the F5M-Millionaires Club.

5. Now to see what level they have joined the F5M-Millionaires Club, please go back to your member's area and click on tab named: Downline! You will see something simillar of the following:

1 - Karen Davenport is a bronze member John Doe emailaddress@email.com
1 - Karen Davenport is a bronze member Joe Mcdoe emailaddress@email.com Unreconciled
----- -2 - Karen Davenport is a bronze member Joseph Networker emailaddress@email.com

When you see a memer that has a word Unreconciled, it means that member has submitted their application is awaiting a final approval. That final approval can be that their payment either has not gone through or there is some kind of problem. Until that is resolved, that member will show as Not Paid or Unreconciled. If no payment is provided after 14 days, that member will be deleted from your downline.

In this downline section, you are going to be able to see members up to 7 levels deep. This is not a matrix system of any kind, it simply shows in a straight downline who is active below you in your F5M-Millionaires Club business. All your personally sponsored members will always be on your level 1 which you can also see them in your TAB named: Personally Sponsored.

In above sample, level 2 shows that Joe Mcdoe has introduced Joseph Networker. This will continue to 7 levels deep, showing who has introduced who.

Also in this section of the downline, you will see who is coming at what level. F5M-Millionaires Club offers 3 levels of membership which are: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The color icons beside their name determine their level of entry:

-Karen Davenport is a bronze member  - this color means BRONZE membership Level
 A S Kumar is a silver member  - this color means SILVER membership Level (member is in the F5M-MC Gold Booster)
-William Wilson is a gold member 
- this color means GOLD membership Level (Highest Achievable Membership In F5M-MC, member is in the WTIA)


If at any time you decide that you want to enter into GOLD level of F5M-Millionaires Club membership, you can always upgrade. In your F5M-MC members area, click on the TAB called: UPGRADE!  

Important Note For SILVER Members: Your promotional capture pages allow others to join at 3 levels of membership. If for example, you are promoting and you have some one who is going to join at the higher level than you are currently in, you will be notified of that and You Will Need To Upgrade to that new member's level in order not to lose that new member and future commissions. You will have up to 24 hours to upgrade, if you do not upgrade, that new member will by pass you and will go to your upline who qualifies at that level.

 AlertPay or 
SolidTurstPay Payment Processors
To Receive Your Earnings And Commissions From F5M-MC!

One other link that is important and must be updated immediatley is: Details! In there you will find out who is your sponsor, you can edit your password and your email address. Most importantly is to update your payment information. F5M-MC will need that information in order to pay your commission to. You will need to get  SolidTrustPay or Payza/AlertPay account. We highly recommend to get SolidTrustPay (if do not have it already) as it is the most reliable, very safe and with low fees online payment processor. They offer many easy options to withdraw your money. You will also need this account for future payments from the club's main Wealth System™.

If you do not have AlertPay account, just click on the banner ad below to open free account:

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F5M-Millionaires Club offers (currently) 2 meetings per week in our free (no long distance charges) conference room. You need to attend these meetings as well to learn more about how everything works and to keep updated with the lastest news that involves F5M-Millionaires Club.

Our meetings are:

Saturday At 10:00 AM EST
Tuesday Evening At 9:00 PM EST
World Time Converter: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock

You can also find more information on our conference room in your main site of F5M-MC at the bottom of that page.


Hope to see you at our meetings
                                                         so you can