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Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: I have filled out F5M-MC application but my payment did not go through. What should I do?

A: If you have filled out an application already and have submitted, we will have it on our file marked as UNRECONCILED! This means that your application is not approved due to no payment and you will not be able to login to your F5M-MC member's area. If you will try to sign up again by using the same username, it will tell that username is already taken.

In this case all you need to do is make the payment not by filling out another application but by following the payment method described here.

For F5M-MC Bronze Level Business package - $5.00:


For F5M-MC Silver Level Business package - $35.00:



For F5M-MC Gold Level Business package - $185.00:


Q. How do I get paid from F5M-MC and other income streams that are part of the F5M-MC Wealth System?

A: F5M-MC uses two payment processors that pays you directly to your SolidTrustPay (STP) or Payza (PZA) account. In order to get paid, you must login to your F5M-MC member's area and update your DETAILS which is your personal profile where you can change your password and update your email address if need.

To receive your commissions, you need to have your commission account updated. Please follow the instructions below:

Commission Type:
In here if you want to
get paid by STP: place STP
To get paid by Payza: place Payza

Commission Account Name/Number/email:
If you selected STP, place your STP USERNAME only!
If you selected Payza, place your Payza REGISTERED email address!

Then just click on the Update Your Details button.

Q. How do I pay for someone else or PIF = Pay It Forward?

A: You can pay for anyone or sign up a person under you and pay for their membership by following these simple instructions.

If you have someone who is interested to join under you and you are willing to pay for their entry, just sign them up under your F5M-MC referral link (selecting one of the 3 membership levels), fill out the application with their name, email address, etc. and click on the SUBMIT button. Make the payment by using your payment method selected.

Once you have made the payment, please email us at:
with subject: PIF Payment!

Include your payment purchase $ and the name of the person who you are paying for or the person who has the F5M-MC application on file already. Once we receive this information, we do the match, confirm it and approve the application.

Q: I have ordered and paid for my Guide but did not get my login details?

A: The most common problem with not getting your login details is your email address that you have signed up with. These days most email servers are not business friendly and they block most of the business emails that come from automated systems. Before you have filled out F5M-MC application there was IMPORTANT notice of what emails do not use and what to do to make sure that you will receive your loggin details without any problem. Below is that message:

To insure you will receive your Welcome Letter with your login details, special updates from us and club's wealth system, please DO NOT USE: Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Cox, WebTV,,,, SBC,,,,,, and many more. Their servers are not Email Business Friendly. It is highly recommended to set up and use Google Mail for this business as it cost nothing.


Free Google Mail account:

If you have used one of them emails and did not receive your Welcome letter with login details, you will need to contact F5M-MC administration and ask for your login details.

with subject: Login Details!

Q: I got my login details but I can't log in or will not let me in?

A: If you are trying to login and can't, then you are not logging in properly. In your login area you will see two login boxes. Even if there is nothing there, clear them first completely. Then copy your F5M-MC Id, copy exactly right from the very start, DO NOT create a space in front or behind the id word. Paste into the first box, make sure pasting it right at the very front inside the box. Do exactly the same with your password. The login details are very case sensitive and you need to do it exactly without creating a little space in front or behind the words. This is the most common problem people have.

Q: Once I purchase one of the 3 F5M-MC Business Level packages that includes the "F5M-MC Guide To A Million Dollar Internet Business" and become a member of F5M-Millionaires Club, what happens next?

A: After you have selected your package, filled out the application form and submitted your payment, you will receive your login details in the email shortly after your payment is approved. Sometimes this could take up to 12 hours to receive that information. Your login details will allow you to enter the F5M-Millionaires Club member's area or the back office. If you do not send your payment with your application, you will NOT receive your login details and you will NOT be able to get inside your F5M-Millionaires Club member's area where your "Guide To Million Dollar Internet Business" and other valuable business links/tools are.

Q: I have made my payment for my purchase and I got my login details, what is the next thing that I should do?

A: First thing you need to do is to login into your F5M-MC member's area with login details that you have received. Once logged in, you will need to get to know your F5M-MC member's area or so called back office. Check out all the TABS that are there and get to know them. Once you click at any of the TABS, a site will open with information that will describe its function. One of the most important TABS that you will want to visit and get to know is your F5M-MC Complete Guide To Million Dollar Internet Business! This is where it all begins for you. You will need to get to know what's in that Guide. There are live links on the left hand side, you will need to click on them and find what each topic offers and describes.

Q: I have a member in my downline and besides their name it says: UNRECONCILED. What is that mean?

A: Unreconciled means that prospect has filled out application and submitted to F5M-MC without a payment. Unreconciled person is not a member yet. That person will have up to 72 hours to submit a payment or contact F5M-MC administration to make payment arrangement. If after 72 hours no payment has been made and no contact, that person will be deleted. They can always join later with a payment. If you still see that person after 72 hours, that means there has been contact and payment is being worked out.

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