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F5M-MC Gold Booster Advertising Pay Plan
is a Revolutionary Breakthrough Co-Op Advertising System
That Ends NOT Earning Money On The Net
Which Provides You Some Instant Cash Upon Joining It!

The F5M-MC Gold Booster Advertising System

Will Promote Your 3 F5M-MC Capture Sites For 30 Days!

Click Gifs Here => To find out how the GB Co-Op Advertising Works!

Your Journey To Earn Income Begins

But Does Not Stop Here

It Gets Better And BIGGER As You Go Along!

It Is Here Where Top Leaders, Upline Sponsors and Those Who Are Earning
Will Help Those Who Are Not Earning Yet But Are Trying
or Help Those New Members That Are Joining F5M-Millionaires-Club
So They Too Can Earn Income And Get Into Higher Levels To Earn Cash For Life!

Those Who Have Joined F5M-Millionaires Club At The  Silver and/or Gold Level Package
F5M-MC Gold Booster Co-Op Advertising Pay Plan Is Included!

Others Who Have Joined F5M-MC At The Bronze Level
Can Always Purchase A Gold Booster Position By Visiting F5M-MC Member's Area!

The F5M-MC Gold Booster Introductory!

This Gold Booster Co-op Advertising Pay Plan was specially designed to help many members to promote their new F5M-MC business and to start earn immediate cash. Commissions are paid out on a daily basis when a mininum is reached.

Another and the most important development for creating this plan is to help many members who are in F5M-Millonaires Club (F5M-MC) at the lowest level (Bronze) to create an income that will pay for their way into the club's main Wealth System (WTIA) where fortunes are made without them spending any more of their own money.

Anyone who joins Gold Booster Pay Plan can receive help from their upline sponsor, help from re-purchased positions, spill over help from above and even from below, help from others buying extras positions, others joining them from their own advertising efforts and those who will come from Gold Booster Co-op advertising. This all can add to a quick income that will grow on a daily basis.

The most important and final concern for developing Gold Booster was to meet these 2 necessary credentials:

1. It has to be something that F5M-MC members need to get their business started to generate cash almost immediately. To help many with their advertising efforts where they can promote their business and get paid for doing it. It's the best way to promote and grow any business.

2. To develop a plan that will be affordable and profitable to all where not only the top earns money but the middle and lower section of the structure or even those who just join. A plan that will allow those who are earning good income, they will have to share some of those profits with members who are not so successful but it must be profitable for both.

The Basics Of F5M-MC Gold Booster Co-Op Advertising Pay Plan!

The Gold Booster was created to help members promote their new F5M-MC business and as they sponsor others who use it to promote their business as well, they will get paid on their advertising purchases. This will provide extra income that will force members on lower levels to upgrade to higher levels automatically without any extra cost to them. This plan also helps those who are less fortunate to get more members into their business by so called upline and downline spill over, re-purchased positions and co-op advertising. All those who join or purchase a Gold Booster are automatically receive 30 Day Co-op Advertising which will send up to 25,000 ad views to their 3 already designed capture page/sites..

Being a member of F5M-Millionaires Club and as you begin to grow your business, you will start seeing members that join and they are placed under you. You can see all your F5M-Millionaires-Club members that by visiting the Tab called: Downline in your F5M-MC member's area. If you and those who you recruit are active, you will see the acitivity down to 7 levels deep as shown in sample below.

1 - Trevor V. Earle is a gold member Sandy Doer emailaddress@hermail.com
1 - dominick lagreca is a silver member Mark Jones emailaddress@myemail.com
1 - Karen Davenport is a bronze member John Doe emailaddress@email.com
1 - Karen Davenport is a bronze member Joe Mcdoe emailaddress@email.com Unreconciled
----- -2 - Karen Davenport is a bronze member Joseph Networker emailaddress@email.com
.......2 - Karen Davenport is a bronze member Mary Whoever emailaddress@email.com

Levels 1 and 2 in your F5M-Millionaires Club downline are the MOST IMPORTANT levels that will pay you the most through out the entire club's wealth system. This is another main reason why this plan was designed. Your F5M-MC downline will not look the same here in the Gold Booster because sooner or later, your downline from F5M-MC will become your upline. You might end up with others who are not in your F5M-MC downline and they will never be there as these members can be spill over from above and below you and come from other sponsors. You do not need to worry about them, as they are here for a reason, to help you to earn income so you can move into higher levels in the Wealth System (if not there yet). This is where all will be reunited with their original upline sponsors from F5M-MC again. In Gold Booster only ONE thing matters, INCOME for both members, does not matter where they came from. 

Audio Part 2

The payment plan or the earning system is the most important part of any business opportunity. There are many different matrix operated businesses where people earn their income from. There are matrix system that are designed to profit the company or the owner to earn the most which many Networkers do not know this. The fact is that these matrix based programs offer the easiest way to generate wealth or ongoing income and to this date there were more Millionaires created through these earning systems or so called matrix based opportunities then from any other businesses out there.

But, even those who know which matrix systems are good and pay the most commissions to their business partners, know that there are problems and why some many people fail.

The biggest problem is the huge number of people that are needed to fill a matrix. For example, lets use a 2X11 matrix (which we will be using for the Gold Booster pay plan). To fill a matrix this size and if you are recruiting one person at a time or filling one position at a time, you would need total of 4094 people, all referring at least 2 people each. Let's face it, it's highly unlikely you will ever fill a matrix that size especially by yourself.

The next problem with a matrix program is the drop outs. Most matrix programs especially those with a monthly fees are nearly impossible to fill because you take the time to recruit someone, they do nothing or they are not able to recruit, and so they drop out, leaving you to fill that position again in order to continue earning income. This can become very frustrating and it is the MAIN reason why many people fail or quit.

The third problem is that the most money to be made in a matrix program is in the higher levels where the matrix is widest. In a 2x11 matrix, the 6th through 11th level is where you make the most money, but again it's highly unlikely you will ever earn money from these levels in the standard matrix. Most matrix programs are set up that you have to fill your matrix one person or one position at a time starting on your first level, then you have to fill your second level, then your third, then your fourth and so on, going from left to right.

Unless you are a super recruiting machine and even if you were, this could take some time to accomplish this. If people you recruit do nothing, or will not recruit others, then your matrix stops filling, and in most cases you will give up. You may have put in alot of time, money and effort, and maybe you made some money but you have not reached the highest levels where the most income is earned.

It's Time To Realize Something! This is where the most matrix program owners are earning their fortunes! If you never fill your matrix or rach those higher levels, who do you think gets that money? The owner of that matrix program!

The Gold Booster Was Designed To Help Solve That Problem!

To completely fill a standard 2 X 11 matrix you would need total of 4094 people. F5M-MC Gold Booster matrix reduces that to 584 and you will be earning income not from just one matrix like that, but 7 of them. There is a huge difference from recruiting 4094 to 584 people or positions and Gold Booster even reduces that to less than 500! With F5M-MC Gold Booster 2X11 Matrix, you will reach the highest level which is the 11th level with only 3 members below you!

First of all, Gold Booster has a one time out of pocket expense of only $25 and you are here for life. Once you refer someone or get a new sign up who came from somwhere esle, you never have to worry about that member dropping out or having to replace them in your down line because they are here for life as well and without any monthly costs..

For that one time fee of $25,  the F5M-MC Gold Booster will not build one position but will build 7 positions. Each position is one matrix. You will start out with 1 main position within the 1st matrix, where you are going to be on the TOP which that counts as one position out of those 7 that you get. The other six positions will fill from top down and every one else who will join Gold Booster will do the same. All members are not going to be placed from left to right as they are in the standard matrix because as you know by now, it's nearly impossible to reach those higher earning levels. So the remaining six positions that you have will be placed with 2 positions underneath your main position which is on your 1st level. The other 4 positions will go under your first 2 or on your 2nd level. This is where you will have your 1st and 2nd levels in the matrix already filled providing you some instant cash! 

Please refer to the Gold Booster Matrix diagram #1 which is located below the income chart to see how that works.

Based on one time $25 fee to join F5M-MC Gold Booster, you have no further out of pocket expense unless you want to buy more positions. The income table that is shown below is an example which demonstrates how your MINIMUM* earnings will accumulate. That is the minimum guaranteed payout per one position or matrix and does not include income spill over which earns you up to 55% more. Many of you who are getting paid know that you get more what is presented in that income chart. For example, if someone joins Gold Booster and is placed under you, according to the income chart below, you would get $2.30 commission but most of you are getting commission anywhere from $3.60 up to $4.90 for that one placement. As your downline grows in the Gold Booster, you income spill over increases as well.

The F5M-MC Gold Booster Commission Chart
                    (Does Not Include Income Spill Over)





Total earnings = $1343.60/matrix X 7 matrix positions = *$9405.20

*One time invest of $25 returns well over $9400 in profits and
that amount DOES NOT INCLUDE the additional income spill over which can add up to 55% MORE EARNINGS
on top what of the minimum income that is shown in the chart.  

The F5M-MC Gold Booster Matrix
How New Members Are Placed!

Remember I said that Gold Booster uses a 2 X 11 matrix but in a totally different way!  Most matrix systems fill from left to right and one level at a time (until that level is filled before going into the next one), well GB matrix will not fill that way. It fills from TOP down and even from DOWN up by SEVEN positions per section as described below by yellow bars.

(Diagram #1)

So, all members who enter Gold Booster will start out with 7 positions for one time fee of only $25. You have actually bought 7 places or matrices below you. One 2 X 11 matrix requires 4094 people to fill, but since you will be given 7 positions and all those who join, this cuts it down to a mere 584 people to fill that matrix! To make this more profitable and move faster, when a member reaches the $300, $400, $500, $600, $700, $800, $900, $1000, $1100, $1200 and $1300 level in earnings, they are required to purchase additional 7 positions at $25 under one of your downline members but not under yourself. This will not only give you even more positions to earn from, but creates spill over for those members who are not good at recruiting. This pay plan will allow each member to reach the best paying levels faster, without having to recruit impossible numbers of people.

Since you got 7 positions and filled your first two levels, any members that you refer or spill down from above you, will fall on your 3rd level in the matrix. These members will be placed starting on your 3rd level and will get 7 positions. Looking at the diagram above; 1 position will go on 3rd level, 2 positions go on your 4th level, and 4 positions will go on your 5th level. As others joins and they will also get 7 positions per one Gold Booster purchase, they will start filling the matrix from TOP down. In other cases you will see your upline sponsor becoming your donwline member.


In this real example where many current F5M-MC members are applying this method and greatly benefiting from this plan. Looking at your F5M-MC donwline and you see that you have TWO members who are Bronze (Mary and Rick as shown belowand you would like to help them to earn income and move them forward into higher F5M-MC membership levels.

J. Michelle Colarina is a gold member YOU (Joe)
                    1 phillips king is a bronze member Mary
                    1 phillips king is a bronze member  Rick

Many are using this approach (which works for both members) and succeeding greatly.  This is what you may want to suggest to them:

I am having great results with F5M-MC Gold Booster Pay Plan where not only advertises my F5M-MC business but also earns me immediate income and it is paid out as often as daily. I am your upline sponsor and I am willing to help you in a big way because If I help you, I will make money and you will too. A plan that works for both us. Also upon joining Gold Booster, you will have 1st two levels automaticlly filled providing instant cash. If you join now, I will place a paid member under you right away giving you more instant commission. As your income will grow in the F5M-MC Gold Booster, you will get paid and also some of that income will be used to place you into the WTIA (Wealth Team International Association - club's main wealth system where you want to end up to earn income for life with no out of pocket cost).  

So you contact Mary (for example) from your F5M-MC donwline who is not in Gold Booster yet and propose the offer above. Mary decides to join Gold Booster, she will be placed on Level 3, 4 and 5 under you. Her first two levels are filled with some earnings already. Now you conctact your 2nd member (Rick) that you want to help and use the same method but tell him that you will help him by joining under him. Rick Doe joins under Mary. Rick is placed on levels 6, 7 and 8. Now You (Joe) will join under Rick with your 2nd Gold Booster entry. Looking at the downline structure below, Mary has growing commission and so does Rick, and they have not even sponsored one person yet. You also have little commission because your two levels are filled. Do you see the potential of this powerful matrix and how Top Leaders or Upline can help their lower members or those who are just about to join F5M-MC?

Level 1 = 2 positions - You (Joe)  Entry #1
Level 2 = 4 positions - You (Joe)  Entry #1
  Level 3 = 1 position  -  (Mary)
  Level 4 = 2 positions - (Mary)
  Level 5 = 4 positions - (Mary)
    Level 6 = 1 position   - (Rick)
    Level 7 = 2 positions(Rick)
    Level 8 = 4 positions(Rick)
      Level  9  = 1 position  -  You (Joe)  Entry #2
      Level 10 = 2 positions - You (Joe)  Entry #2
      Level 11 = 4 positions - You (Joe)  Entry #2

This is the best way to help your downline members and this is where and how F5M-MC TOP leaders and active upline sponsors help others so they can earn money and at the same time, those who are helping them are earning income from Gold Booster and are even earning more from the club's main wealths system thus creating residual income for life.

In the example above, you being at the TOP with your very first GB entry, every new member that you place under your entry #1 or any of your downline members, your income will grow. When you place Rick under Mary, your and Mary's income grows. When you bought your 2nd entry into Gold Booster under Rick, not only your income has grown quite a bit but Mary and Rick has benefited in increased income as well without sponsoring anyone. When Mary and Rick start recruiting others, income can increase quite fast.

Below is an audio/video with chart explaining what is described above.

(When watching this audio, please refer to the chart below this audio/video.)

ISO = Income Spill Over up to 55%

YOU (Joe) (GB Entry #1)

You (Joe) = L1 = 2 positions
You (Joe) = L2 = 4 positions
Earned = .60 cents + (ISO) = $1


Mary) L3 = 1 position
(Mary) L4 = 2 positions
(Mary) L5 = 4 positions


= 1 
(Rick) L6 = 2 positions
(Rick) L6 = 4  positions

YOU (Joe) (GB Entry #2)

You (Joe) L9 = 1 position
(Joe) L10 = 2 positions 
(Joe) L11 = 4 positio

(Joe) (GB Entry #1)

Your total Commission with 2nd
GB entry is approx. $15.70


 has not sponsored anyone,
she receives 1st Pay
 approx. $10.80,
 has 30 days of co-op advertising.


Rick has not sponsored anyone,
has earned approx. $5.90,

has 30 days of co-op advertising.


Mary and Rick were in your
donwline before,
now with your
2nd GB entry, YOU 
(Joe) became
THEIR downline member.
has occured.

IMPORTANT:  Joining or buying addtional "F5M-MC Gold Booster Pay Plan" you might end up under a totally different sponsor than you have from your F5M-Millionaires Club. This is quite normal and please do not be shocked. As you have seen in real examples above, your downline might become your upline in F5M-MC Gold Booster because of the reversal plan that occurs and where members help members. Also becasue no one can purchase another GB Entry under themselves, they end up under somebody else in Gold Booster. What matters in F5M-MC Gold Booster Pay Plan is the INCOME that is earned because benefits members to earn money to be placed into the Gold level membership (those who are not there yet) and this is where they are re-united under their original sponsor from F5M-MC and following them into the club's wealth system.


Who Joined F5M-Millionaires Club At The

Members who can not afford to join F5M-Millionaires Club at the Gold level or current F5M-MC Bronze members, their ultimate goal is to get into the club's main Wealth System - WTIA. Below is a chart that explains how a pruchase of a single Gold Booster position with active members can lead anyone into higher levels without any further cost.

(Diagram #2)


Please Note:

All Silver Level Members will get paid out up to $30 commissions,
then the next $100 will be accumulating in the Gold Booster account
and it will used to enter the member into WTIA (club's main Wealth System)
following their 
original F5M-MC
sponsor. Once that is achieved,
that member will become the
GOLD level in the F5M-Millionaires Club.

No F5M-MC GOLD BOOSTER Extra Entires
 Can Be Purchased Under Yourself!

There Is A Good Reason For That!

Those who want to purchase more than one entry into Gold Booster can't purchase another entry under themselves but under another member. They must be purchased under one of your donwline or upline members.  By doing this way,you will actuaully earn more commission and at the same time you will help other member earn a commission.

Let's say for example that you want to purchase TWO positions at the start. If those two positions would go directly under you, this will not help your downline much and would not earn you more money. Let's examine this positioning and how much you would approximately have earned:

Level 1 = You - Joe  - 2 positions  (these two levels are your 1st entry position)
Level 2 = You - Joe  - 4 positions
  Level 3 =  You - Joe - 1 position   (these three levels are your 2nd entry position)
  Level 4 =  You - Joe - 2 positions
  Level 5 =  You -.Joe.- 4 positions... .Your commission would be $2.90 and NO INCOME SPILL OVER

Below is an example of a better way to profit by doing exactly samething (buying two entries) and helping some one at the same time.
Now let's say you contact your struggling downline member Mary (or offer this to your potential prospect) and you propose this plan to them. Join F5M-MC Gold Booster Plan under me and in return I will immediately join under you to help you out.

Now let's look what would be your minimum commission and how your downline levels would look like. Please remember YOU (Joe) would be in levels 1 and 2. Level 3, 4 and 5 would be your downline member (Mary). Then you would come in with your 2nd position under (Mary) which would be on level 6, 7 and 8. In this case you are Mary's upline sponsor with Gold Booster position ONE but with your 2nd position you would become her downline member and she would be your upline in Gold Booster. Please remember this only applies to F5M-MC Gold Booster Matrix.

Level 1 = 2 positions - You (Joe)  Entry #1
Level 2 = 4 positions - You (Joe)  Entry #1
  Level 3 = 1 position -   (Mary)
  Level 4 = 2 positions - (Mary)
  Level 5 = 4 positions - (Mary)
    Level 6 = 1 position -  You (Joe)  Entry #2
    Level 7 = 2 positions - You (Joe)  Entry #2 
    Level 8 = 4 positions -.You.(Joe)..Entry #2.................Your miminum commission $5.20 (+ Income Spill Over of $5-$6)

All current F5M-MC GOLD LEVEL members will have their commissions paid out when or every time the minimum of $10 is earned. 

How To PIF (Pay It Forward)
For Some One Else Into Gold Booster!

If you PIF for some into the Gold Booster, you will also be included in the Co-op Advertising!

First decide who you want to PIF for, this could be some one from your F5M-MC downline or can be a new person just joining F5M-MC. Then pay for the Gold Booster position as you were to going to buy a position for yourself. When purchasing the Gold Booster position, you will be asked:

Gold Booster can place this position as needed <- if you are not sure pick this one
This is the first choice that you will see, it is the default setting, just leave it at that.

To buy a position, you will need to login to your F5M-MC member's area and then click on tab called:

F5M-MC Gold Booster Pay Plan With Co-op Advertising!

After you have made your payment, please email me at:
with subject: GB-PIF!
in your email state who you've had paid for.
Include their first and last name or their F5M-MC id/uesername.