The 60 Day Super Ad Pack
That Will Promote Your F5M-MC Business
And Will Direct Prospects To Sign Up

IntoYour F5M-MC Business.

Those who sign up at the Bronze level,
the F5M-MC will work with them on your behalf
so we can AUTOMATICALLY place them
into the DNP Advertising Platform
and upgrade them into the Gold level under You!

Many F5M-Millionaires Club members who join have these issues:

  • they do not know how to promote effectively to grow their business
  • they do not want to promote or hate promoting or selling
  • they do not have much cash to purchase expensive paid advertising

    This is why the
    Done For You Marketing Package
    was created!

This super ad package is designed for F5M-MC members to help them with some highly effective advertising without a huge cost. Our promotional department has put together this Marketing Package that is available at the wholesale cost. It is incredible offer that will deliver interested prospects and work with them to become Paid members at the F5M-MC Bronze, Silver or Gold level. 

The F5M-MC/PP 60 Day Super Ad Pak is only $44.95!
There is a limited number of orders we accept for this ad pakage
to give F5M-MC members more advertising power.


Please Note: The F5M-MC advertising department has its own tracking system for this special ad package. All prospects and sign ups will be equally shared among all those who ordered this ad pak.


Purchase the 30 DAAP and it Includes this 60 Day Super Ad Pak!