People FAIL at Making Money with their Online Business
Most Do Not Know How To Promote Effectively
To build a List of Prospects and Sign Ups!
    Well, NOT any more!     F5M-MC Provides Both!

The F5M-Millionaires Club
30 Day Auto Advertising Program
That Generates 3 Paid Sign Ups
(Please Note: These sign ups are usually generated within 45-60 days but THERE IS NO specific guaranteed time frame).
Plus This Advertising Program Will Continue To Drive Traffic

Until You Get At Least 10 Seriously Interested Prospects
For Your F5M-Millionaires Club Opportunity!

The  30 DAAP  Will Promote your 3 F5M-MC Capture Pages
Up To 60 Days Which Can Generate Many More Prospects!
(lately members have been receiving 50 to 90 Prospects)
Special BONUS! (Value $44.95)
"Done For You Marketing" Package Included!

More Adveritising For Your F5M-MC Business.
Our Advertising Department wants to make sure that your promotion will get a good response of interested Prospects and sign ups,
that's why we're including this Bonus!

And That's Why We Can Offer A Guarantee Like No One Else On The Net!

We know that many F5M-MC members are not very good at advertising and promoting their F5M-MC business. Others have joined F5M-MC and saying they are willing to pay for an advertising service where they would have their F5M-MC business advertised automatically for them as they do not have time to promote. F5M-Millionaires Club does all kinds of high quality advertising and purchases lot of advertising for its own use. Some of the advertising that F5M-MC buys is not cheap. Quality advertising is more  expensive but produces better results than spending much money on cheaper sources. From past advertising experience, it is better to buy higher cost, more expensive advertising as it has produced more results in the long run and costing you less then those cheaper sources. As with any kind of advertising there are no guarantees of any kind of results, no matter how much it costs. To make your advertising produce results depends on many factors which lot of new promoters do not know. We at F5M-MC constantly search and test many advertising sources. Once we have performed special tests and the source produces above average (or at least fair) results and passes our approval, we make deals to purchase at larger quantities to get discounts to be able to design this special package for F5M-MC members only.

In order for any business to have effective advertising, it needs to be promoted for a certain period of time to get noticed. Short term advertising usually is not very responsive and in most cases does not even produce fair results. If you ever advertised anything in newspapers, your advertising assistant always recommended to take out an ad for at least three insertions or minimum of 30 days. There is a very good reason for that. Internet advertising is not much any different. Those who are successful, they never quit advertising their business.

This special package was designed to provide a great advertising exposure until it does produces results and paid sign ups that we offer. The F5M-MC advertising department will advertise your F5M-MC business to thousands of interested people who are looking for ways to earn extra cash from home through the Internet. We are using some of the best places to promote and making sure that you will end up with results.

When you order this special advertising package and your order gets approved, you will be notified of that and our advertising department will also contact you when it is active. It can take up to 72 hours to prepare your advertising package where it will be promoted online until you receive what is offered. Only we can make this kind of guarantee because we know we are going to produce results with our managed advertising companies that we are dealing with.

F5M-Millionaires Club GUARANTEES you a MINIMUM of THREE (3) PAID SIGN UPS and At Least 10 Interested PROSPECTS (our latest stats show that most members get up 90 Prospects) for your F5M-Millionaires Club business. These Paid Sign Ups can be at the Bronze, Silver or Gold level, this is one thing we can not guarantee at what level they will join. If they do join at lower level (Bronze or Silver), we will work with them for up to 30 days to help them to get into the Gold level where the club's main wealth system is located.

This advertising package can produce more then 3 paid sign ups into your F5M-MC business.
We only guarantee minimum of 3. This offer is only available to F5M-MC members and it is totally controlled by F5M-MC administration.

All Paid Sign Ups and all Prospects that this "30 DAAP" has generated, you will receive Final Stats and notifying you that your advertising campaign has ended.

The F5M-MC 30 Day Auto Advertising Program - Id# MC30DAAP ... $89.95


If you and all your personally sponsored members ordered this package at least once,
it would guarantee everyone at least 3 members into your F5M-MC business and their business and their business ...
this would really help to put every ones business into a faster income.

To get the most out of this 30DAAP, it is recommended to buy 3 months of the 30 DAAP.
We have members who purchase this package on monthly basis.

this 30DAAP Advertising Package includes the F5M-MC Gold Booster
which gives you additional advertising plus it PAYS YOU to promote your business as well!

Always encourage your downline members to purchase this 30 DAAP!

Pruchasing the 30 DayAutoAdvertisingProgram

Your 2nd F5M-MC Gold Booster entry will be placed in the Gold Booster Team Players!