After many years of successful operation, the F5M-MillionairesClub (F5M-MC) software became too old and was becoming easy target for hackers to get into member's accounts. A new version of highly secure software was needed to be designed in order for the F5M-MC to be safe. Since the cost of the new design was very costly due to its complications, the admin decided to link the F5M-MC with our other Long Term PASSIVE, Highly Profitable Opportunity named DailyNetPay (DNP). All F5M-MC members were notified several times of this change and were given an opportunity to transfer to the DailyNetPay. Only Most ACTIVE F5M-MC members have transferred to the DailyNetPay which is owned by the F5M-MillionairesClub. The DailyNetPay has its own profitable earning system but to offer and provide even higher, reliable and dependable income, the DNP has merged with another fully registered company named CashFX Group which members can join directly or purchse DNP-CFX Ad Shares.