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This Passive Way To Earn Business Package includes:

AGAM got sold to Asia Trade Group Limited.
Read New
s Here > http://www.dailynetpay.com/agam-news.html

Until they are done with AGAM transfer to ASIA TRADE,
all AGAM Transactions are temporarily suspended.
Your € 90 AGAM share will be converted to $100 PANDEX  share.
Once AGAM / ASIA TRADE is back in full opreation,
you can always purchase your AGAM share at their regular cost.

  • One (1) Paid Share € 90 (€ = Euro Currency)  into AGAM-Questra World. That € 90 compounded can be worth over $1 Million after 295 weeks. We will compound all share earnings for the first 180 business days. Then we will withdraw 50% of our shared earnings and keep reivesting the other 50% to keep growing our DNTcashFund.
Being in this "DNTcashFUND" and pooling all our shares, we should reach High Incomes lot faster. Details will be provided at our webinars.
  • One (1) Paid Share € 50 (€ = Euro Currency) into United Software Intelligence (USI-TECH) where it returns 140% after 140 business days. When we pool our shares together, we will start compounding our earnings more often and then after 180 business days, we will start withdrwaing 30 to 50% of our shared earnings and keep reivesting (compounding) the rest to keep growing our DNTcashFund. This is where we Build BitCoin and when it reaches the High Value (as all predict), we will cash out to gain even more income.
Pooling our shares together and compounding our earnings will generate more earning shares which can return well over 400% or even lot more. Details will be provided at our webinars.
  • One (1) Paid $50 US Share into YOTA Hong Kong where we Earn from 1.5% Up To 3.5% Daily! Here is another BIG BONUS as DNTcashFUND offers all members to Earn Partners or Refferal Income from 7% to 2% Five levels deep. We have hundreds alredy in our downline.
I would highly recommend to open your own private Yota account to earn from as well. Yota is easy to fund through BTC, easy to withdraw, No Compliated Account verification procedures. By the way, I (John Kielec) am the 1st one to bring YOTA from Europe to USA/CANADA market.
  • Paid entries into DailyNetTraffic with DNT Ad Feeder Pak 1, 2 and 3. Also you will become a Paid member in the DailyNetPay (DNP) our advertising platform where your DNT business will be promoted for up to 180 days. The DNP and its Done For You Marketing System will allow you to start earning small imediate profits of $2, $3 and $10 to get you started on your journey towards the $640,000+ income.
The DNT + DNP provides the Advertising and Marketing this special offer along with your DNT business where the fast cash can be earned and paid out directly to you. Details will be provided at our webinars.



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